About Us

Flourish Abumere

Human Resources Scholar | Talent Optimizaton Leader | Sociologist | Public Servant | Lover of People Data

I'm a Human Resource Management Professional, a Sociologist with strong Business Acumen. My aim is to help people succeed in their businesses and careers while kicking failure out of the game. 

Let's Identify the Problem, Determine the Magnitude and Solve the Problem. 

We can help hiring managers make the best hiring decision – again and again.

Help you get insights on how your candidate matches the job. Coach you to understand your candidates far beyond what’s on their resume.

We can use Predictive Index to help you hire with certainty. 

We are able to provide a remarkable experience for your candidates, one that they will be proud to share with their peers.

My Diversity Mission

I have developed a social enterprise dedicated to advancing inclusive hiring practices, neurodiversity in the workplace, and equity for over a decade. I have been helping people with disabilities find work through my personal website for 100% free. I create, organize, and maintain many webcasts and articles that inform employees/employees of the significance of tapping into this enormous talent pool currently underutilized. Having a loved one who is permanently disabled opened my eyes to the fact that people with disabilities do not necessarily lack value as human beings. Some have special abilities that can be a significant factor in fostering creativity. Being born and raised differently means we all have unique skills. Our biological wiring and life experiences contribute to how we think. That's why I feel it's important to spread the word to business leaders everywhere, especially in Africa, about the positive effects of a diverse workforce productivity.

My ultimate mission is to assist people with disabilities in reaching their full potential so they can participate fully in society, develop a sense of self and belonging, find meaningful employment, and meet their basic needs, including the acquisition of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. They aim to become more socially engaged, healthy, and self-assured individuals who value themselves and others. I have learned and explored the topic of neurodiversity. I am confident that accepting it and providing accommodation can benefit society in many ways, including making our communities safer and more united, flourishing our economies, and commanding respect from the world. People with disabilities simply deserve a great social life which they can have if they work, earn and are respected!


I'm Flourish, an immigrant from Nigeria. I support people and businesses to grow professionally and inclusively for free. I'm giving back to a community that supported, accepted, and appreciated my skills. My mission is to assist individuals in recognizing and articulating their employable skills in a way that will get you hired and create long-term strategies to enhance the lives of Canadians willing to dive into the workforce. Our professional services can also assist businesses in establishing frameworks that foster lifelong professional growth.

We strongly support inclusive hiring and actively encourage people with disabilities, Canadian indigenous people, newcomers to Canada, homeless people and women to seek employment and should be granted job offers.  We believe that anyone looking for work should be hired, and we encourage hiring managers to consider hiring inclusively because each of us possesses unique abilities and capabilities. We support inclusion and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work. It is the benefit of society at large to hire and retain inclusively. We strive to support these groups so they can flourish.

Flourish Abumere - F. A Canada

Why are we encouraging employers to hire inclusively?

Organizations across the globe must strive to overcome formidable obstacles if they intend to stay competitive and achieve long-term expansion and sustainability. With fewer skilled workers available, businesses must innovate to remain competitive. One way to innovate is by hiring inclusively. Companies should incorporate the art of overcoming obstacles by using inclusive recruiting practices. The diverse skills you could be ignoring might be gold. 

If you don't know how to start, contact us, and we can share free clues so you can benefit from inclusive and neurodiverse hiring practices. Find out how this underutilized workforce may boost your organization's strength, diversity, and productivity.

Turn your passion into a global action

Whatever the structure and ambiguity of your concepts, there is always a way to solve a problem. Once those problems have been resolved, you are equipped and prepared to carry out your action plans. The majority of young people's interests are fading. It could be reinvested and used again. There is always time. This service is offered without charge and is designed to help aspiring young change-makers succeed. To avoid setting yourself up for failure, reach out to us, regardless of how trivial you believe these interests are. 

Since this service is free, we are unable to accommodate all requests. Women, people with disabilities, Canadian Indigenous groups, and visible minority groups are given preference.

Ignore your fears; your unwavering tenacity, combined with your inventiveness, foresight, and feeling of urgency, will propel you to success.

The Predictive Index

We can help your your small, medium size organization by using people insights to power engagements, and develop long-lasting client relationships at top scale. 

Here's what I have to say if you're curious about the predictive index's usefulness.

The Predictive Index is the industry pioneer in talent optimization, enabling entire organizations to integrate their people strategy with their business strategy for the best possible business results. The Predictive Index evaluates both cognitive aptitude and behavioral drives (Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality).

If you want to understand the needs of a specific role, team, project, or business strategy, your first step is to collect employee or candidate data and then use this data to make more informed and objective decisions.