Sample design of a strategic recruitment plan for the job of Production Operator (Copol International Ltd)

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Design a strategic recruitment plan for the job of Production Operator


Strategic recruitment plan for Production Operator (Case Study)


What is a recruitment plan?

A recruiting plan is a well-defined process for attracting, hiring, and onboarding the best possible candidates for a company. In this case study, a recruitment plan for Copol will be designed to attract, hire, and retain a Production Operator. Because the post of a Production Operator is critical to Copol’s business and work in both the extrusion and slitting parts of their operation, a recruitment process to hire the best will be explored. This plan will outline recruitment methods, rationale for using the method, and cost for each recommended method. Therefore, an organization needs to select an effective recruitment method to help it achieve organizational goals and objectives.

What will be the benefits of a recruitment plan for Copol International Ltd?

Developing a recruitment plan for Copol International Limited will provide many benefits in terms of how the company hires production operators and future employees. It not only cuts down on time it takes to hire the right personnel, but it also makes the hiring and interviewing process more efficient. Human resource professionals can better estimate their hiring needs and map out what they are looking for by developing a recruitment plan. Building a pipeline around anticipation can save the time it takes to hire the right people and allow the company to assess talent more efficiently when the time comes.

The recruitment strategy enables HR managers to conduct better interviews and create a more streamlined process for hiring the right individuals, identify a significantly better fit, and access more applicants through recruitment marketing and talent networks. When it comes time to employ, HR will have access to the best applicants by developing a network of brilliant individuals. A recruitment plan might also aid in staff retention.

The goal of the recruitment plan

The first phase in developing a recruitment plan for Copol International Limited is to define the business recruitment objectives. According to the organization's needs, they have identified the necessity to be proactive to satisfy future production operator requirements. Copol now employs 30 Production Operators and plans to hire at least five more in the next five years, with the possibility of hiring up to ten more. This plan aims to look for a production operator responsible for the operation of necessary equipment and produce Cast Polypropylene. As a result, we have deduced that the key goals are as follows:


• Increasing the number of employees with specialized skill set (knowledge of making extrusion and slitting reports).

• Hire production operators with some form of mechanical background

• Diversifying the workforce and creating a good candidate experience.

• Lowering the cost of hiring a new employee and reducing the time, it takes to hire.

• To improve the company's quality, innovation, growth, and customer service.

• Retaining committed and knowledgeable staff.

Candidate Specification

Copol International is looking for a team member to join the business. A potential employee who is technically savvy and acquainted with large industrial equipment and a rational thinker who can quickly find solutions. The ideal candidate needs to have the capacity to understand and apply company policies, adhere to strict health and safety rules, and be mentally stable enough to supervise products while ensuring quality and production standards are met.

Recruitment timeline

The company aims to hire at least five production operators in the next five years and add ten more in the subsequent five years.


Recruitment plan for Copol International limited

Step 1 – Job Opening for a Production Operator

Human resource planning should be used to identify job opportunities (based on Copol strategic plan). The Human resource professional in charge is expected to carry out this stage. It is critical in the identification process because they identify current and prospective opportunities and specify which positions should be filled internally and which should be filled externally. Factors to put into consideration for job opening includes:



Step 2- Determine Job Requirement

Copol human resource personnel should create a job description that will strategically outline what prospective employees are expected to do, and their responsibilities as seen in the job description attached to the case study. Copol human resources must use this job descriptions as a foundation for their work. The advantage of doing this cannot be overestimated. Legally, the company is protected, and the framework for ongoing performance management has been laid with the job description in place.

Step 3- Identify recruiting sources and methods

Businesses employ a variety of recruitment tactics to attract talented employees. Each job has its own set of qualifications, and each organization has its own set of requirements. Therefore, businesses must adopt hiring strategies that are appropriate for their environment and appeal to the people they want. Attracting new production operators can be a lengthy process; however, the correct recruitment method can simplify and make it easier. There are various strategies and sources for recruiting that can be used, including direct advertising, talent pool databases, employee recommendations, promotions and transfers, employment swaps, recruitment firms, and professional associations are just a few of the options. However, we recommend job posting and advertising, in-person and virtual events, and the usage of recruitment agencies for Copol International.

Job postings and advertising- These methods involve posting online advertisements on general websites like LinkedIn to attract many candidates (Rios et al., 2020). Advertising on other social media platforms such as indeed, glassdoor, and joblist is also an effective method of acquiring ideal candidates. People are drawn to job postings because they outline the position's rewards and what they are searching for in prospects. A job advertisement's purpose is to persuade competent people to apply for a position so that the hiring manager can find the best candidate for the post. It is also an opportunity to showcase Copol International’s culture and values, as cultural fit is crucial for finding the right person for the production operator position. LinkedIn job postings should is highly recommended because it encourages a wide variety of applicants to apply for the job. Make sure the advertisement reaches as many potential applicants as possible, including immigrants.

In-person and virtual events- I recommend Copol International company to use career fairs, open houses, and seminars to recruit ideal employees and encourage apprenticeship programs. Also, virtual events are becoming more popular and useful. As the name suggests, these events take place online in real-time and link companies and job seekers regardless of geographic location utilizing technology such as chat rooms, teleconferencing, and email. Diversity and a global talent search will be bolstered by this strategy, encouraging a wide range of candidates.

Use of recruitment agencies- Copol International Limited can use a recruitment agency that will perform full cycle recruiting on behalf of the company. The agency will seek candidates with the skills and knowledge outlined in the job description. Taking advantage of recruitment agencies is highly recommended because they provide complete assistance. A recruiting agency facilitates the hiring process by communicating with both businesses and job seekers. There are several advantages to working with a recruiting agency, such as finding a new employee quickly and having specialized knowledge of temporary and permanent recruitment.

Step 4- Generate a pool of qualified recruits

In the business world, a talent pool refers to a collection of highly qualified people who are interested in working for the organization. Talent pools are more than just a database of applicant profiles. It is one of the most successful ways of proactive recruiting available. A long-term strategy for filling positions that may or may not exist now is to develop a talent pool. Copol International will benefit from this stage since it will have a pool of highly qualified candidates interested in working for their company at the end of the recruitment process.

Step 5- Defining selection process

After gathering a great pool of applicants, the next step will be to identify the selection process. The selection process has different stages. For Copol International Limited, we recommend using a resume screening, followed by assessment testing and interviews. Background and reference checks are next to decide who will be offered the job. If recruitment agencies are employed, they are expected to use this same method or a similar one to select the most suitable candidates.

Step 6- Designing onboard process ahead of time

When the employees are recruited, there should be a clear designed path for orientation and onboarding. This is critical because the outcome can determine the turnover rate of a business. It can provide precise and accurate information to new employees and help them feel more at ease in their position, boost their confidence, and speed up their adjustment time.

The rationale for using Each Method

Job postings and direct advertising are effective because they will help the company find candidates whose attributes match the job description profile. It will also help the hiring team send targeted messages to the candidates inviting them to apply for the job. Next, in-person and virtual events were selected because they will provide a great opportunity for the hiring team to ask questions regarding the vacant position. Lastly, using a recruitment agency will be an effective method because it will save time and provide a better option for the company to fill the company's hard-to-fill positions. It will also save on internal HR resources.

Cost of Each Method

The HR department will be responsible for acquiring and maintaining the budget needed for hiring new employees. The recruitment plan will include a budget for each of the recruitment methods. According to the case scenario, the company aims at recruiting five employees in the next five years and an additional 10 in the following years. The budget for each method will therefore cater for the hiring of approximately 15 production operators. The projected cost is outlined below:


Therefore, the recruitment plan will make the hiring process easy by helping employers to ensure that the applicants have the skills needed to perform the tasks. The plan will also prevent lapses in employment, such as a lack of qualified employees to fill vacant positions in Copol International Limited.



The main objective of having a strategic recruitment plan is to have a fair and transparent recruitment plan that brings out the right people to the organization. The above-defined structured strategic recruitment plans help the organizations implement the best methods for recruiting the best employees, which helps reduce the turnover rate with increased employee morale and build the organization’s reputation.



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